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Handle Criticism from Relatives for Less NEET Results with Open Mind

By AiswaryaMay 31, 2023
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How do you Handle the Criticism of Relatives After your NEET Result?

So, you are one of those NEET 2023 aspirants who appeared for the exam on May 7, 2023, but are worried about getting a low score and how you will handle the criticism from relatives. Well, you are not the only one who must be facing the same. Obtaining a high score on the NEET exam is one of the crucial aspects for students who want to secure admission to top colleges. Students with good NEET scores can apply for government-aided colleges with less fees. NEET (National Eligibility Entrance Test) is crucial for students keen to enter the medical field and pursue the UG program.

Handle Criticism from Relatives for Less NEET Results with Open Mind

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Every year, more than 2 lakh aspirants appear for the entrance test, and those with high scores get admission to top medical colleges. However, aspirants who fail to gain good marks can try another turn, but what about relatives who can criticise and bring down their confidence?

Dealing with criticism from distant or close relatives can be challenging for students under pressure. No matter how good or bad you perform, there will always be doubters, so it's critical to have open lines of communication with the entire family.  However, that implies that you could have to deal with it sooner or later. This article presents you with some effective tips on how you can handle criticism from relatives over a low NEET score.

What is the Good Score in NEET?

A good score in NEET can allow students to seek admission to top colleges and save money, especially when applying to any government-aided college for the UG course. The average NEET score should be more than 500 and close to 650. Aspirants getting 650+ scores in NEET can get admission to top medical government-aided colleges. Students who score 590+ in NEET can be in top medical colleges under the state quota. But those scoring 500 or less will get a seat in the private medical college.

Certainly, every student would do their best to score high on the NEET exam, which will help get a seat in the top medical college and give a sense of confidence. Unfortunately, many face low scores, and the wrath of criticism from relatives is the next level of torture. If you are among those who face criticism from relatives due to low NEET scores, the tips below can help you overcome the stress.

Tips to Handle Criticism from Relatives Due to Low NEET Score

  • Listen to Critic's Intention

Not all criticisms are negative. When the prospect of negative feedback even exists, many people get defensive. But nobody is flawless. It's acceptable to consider your advantages and disadvantages. Approach the issue positively when you meet your relatives, and they give feedback.


It may initially seem aggressive to say, "It happens, and I can score high on the second attempt; you don't have to criticise me." However, it can simply be someone attempting to better themselves and deal with their distractions. Furthermore, you didn't need to take their negative words or criticism into your mind.

  • Decide if the Feedback of Positive or Negative

Consider whether the criticism comes from a trustworthy source, mentions how well you can score high in the next attempt, or offers to demotivate you. Some people rebuke others for maintaining an unending power trip. If the critique is unfounded, you can typically tell this.

Your response to criticism should change based on its purpose, though. Evaluating the individuals in your life who genuinely care about you is critical. In case it happens, then criticism ought to be a conversation. Inform someone if you would rather communicate differently.

  • Try to Change the Perspective of Relatives

Although it’s hard because relatives look for chances to degrade you, trying your best to change their perspective is best. This will also assist you in understanding what constitutes a strong family. The better you are at making them understand, the more probable it is that people will begin to see things from your perspective and disagree with you. Alternatively, you might all attend family counseling sessions. You will undoubtedly benefit from knowing how to foster better family ties.

  • Avoid Being Sensitive Toward Every Criticism

You might be going through a low phase due to fewer scores in NEET, but that doesn't mean you need to be sensitive to every criticism from relatives. When you're going through a difficult period, it's crucial to try to understand their criticism in addition to accepting it. Try keeping enough patience and give them time to express their ideas and emotions in a more considerate manner than they previously did.

Don't let yourself become overly frustrated or angry with them; doing so will only worsen things in the future. Therefore, it is always preferable to attend anger management counseling to work on taking criticism positively.

  • Minimise Meeting Relatives who are Harmful

Sad to say, but it's true: Some people get rich by putting others down. This largely happens when relatives find that kids of their dear ones scored low on the exams. The sense of happiness is quite high. The best is to avoid meeting such relatives who are mean to you. Yes, even if they are your closest.

Defending yourself against them is crucial if you want to develop flexibility and a sense of self. When you're allowing folks with malicious intent to treat you badly, it will be difficult to respond with grace to criticisms with good intentions. Removing poisonous people from your life creates a sense of calmness and positivity. You might discover these individuals are responsible for your confrontational reactions to criticism.

  • Work on the Criticism you Receive

Not every criticism coming from the relative is harmful. It is best to work on them if it can help you get a good score in the next attempt. It's crucial to remember that every critique has a complementary message. Although you might not immediately recognise the positive message, there is always something good in there for you if you are prepared to listen to their words and learn from them.


If your relatives want to criticise or comment on your NEET low score, there are many various things you may do to reduce these critiques. The following above-mentioned tips will help you address your problems. Try to comprehend their perspective and make them understand why you scored low or how well you can score high on the next attempt. It's crucial not to take criticism personally because most are offered from a place of love.

FAQs on Handle Criticism from Relatives for Less NEET Results with Open Mind

1. What is the best way to deal with relatives on result day?

Inform them that you received the outcome you both expected and deserved. Then, if you need any additional information, I would ask them to provide you with three reasons why you should favor them. Then you may dissect their justifications.

2. How to respond to relatives for negative reviews on low NEET exams?

It is best to avoid them and their words if you feel they are criticising you for the low marks in the NEET exam.

3. Is it able to completely avoid relatives after the NEET exam result?

Well, one cannot completely avoid relatives and their criticism for the low NEET exam score. However, it is up to you how well you can take it and work on it.

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