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15 Important Habits of Topper Students in CBSE Board

By AiswaryaFebruary 15, 2024
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Follow the Toppers Study Time Table and their Habits to Become a Topper

How to become a topper? It is the most common question among students in their academic years, especially learning under the CBSE board. There is no shortcut to getting a good score, but to practice, devote time to study, and be confident. Every student has certain skills that can make them different from others. Some are good at studies, and some are bad. The best is to adopt the skills or habits of topper students so that you can score well in the CBSE board exam.

15 Important Habits of Topper Students in CBSE Board

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The boards are the first and most important exams in a student's life, other than regular tests. If you hope to be a top CBSE student, you must follow toppers study schedule. Know how they plan their studies and end up scoring good marks. Toppers stand out from other students because they work hard to achieve excellent marks.

The announcement of the CBSE class 12 results each year sets new records. Students who win the competition by scoring 100s in subjects like math, science, and English seem unconcerned by their accomplishments. Those outstanding students don't even lose out on their hobbies throughout March and April, when most students are glued to their books. They always follow their personal study schedules. This article presents you with tricks and ideas on becoming a topper and scoring good marks in CBSE.

Top Habits of Topper Students in CBSE

  • Creating a Perfect Study Plan

Knowledge about toppers study timetable is one way to score good marks and become a topper too. They always adhere to their strict schedule for all their regular activities. A well-planned study timetable is necessary to balance the many tasks at hand. Moreover, it also helps you to develop consistent work habits. As a result, each study session is more cognitively and emotionally prepared, which leads to higher productivity. A well-thought-out study schedule also leaves time for you to pursue your passion. If you are attending any coaching class for your CBSE 12, you must create the timetable and study plan accordingly.

  • Avoid Including all Things at Once

One of the habits of topper students is they never cramp all things together to avoid confusion. Successful students typically break up their work into brief study sessions and rarely attempt to cram everything in at once. If too many things are on your platter, avoiding those that don't offer you a return is best. If you feel fatigued, take a break and engage in other activities.

It makes perfect sense because once your body gets tired, you no longer feel like studying. According to the topper, the best time to study is in the morning, when you have a holiday. Therefore, if you are trying to do all your studying by sitting down for extended periods and making extra efforts to cram everything into your brain, then that material may not stick with you for very long.

  • Solving Previous Year Question Papers

This is yet another crucial way to study as a topper CBSE student. Many topper students admit they solve old papers on alternate days to prepare for the best. Many students solve three papers—one in the morning, one at lunch, and one at night—and their mistakes during the practice session served as the basis for their revisions the following day. Solving previous year's papers or practice exams will give your preparations an edge and familiarise you with the style, kind, and format of the questions that will be asked on the test.

  • Following the Right Routine

Topper study schedule involves following the right routine. Different students plan their schedules at their convenience. If you wonder how many hours do toppers study, it depends on their ability and mental strength. Make a homework assignment on a subject the teacher covered in class. It will assist you in choosing themes or material that appear to be complex, which you can then discuss among other toppers or your teacher to make understandable. This practice will help you to overcome the doubts you are facing. Additionally, regular study will help you psychologically and emotionally prepare for each session, resulting in a more fruitful one.

  • Getting Enough Sleep

If you are wondering do toppers study at night, then many don't, and many do. But they also ensure that they get a good sleep of 6-7 hrs daily to refresh their mind for the next day. So, you must get good sleep daily.


Following these habits of topper, students will not only help mentally being prepared for the exam but also take no stress. Check toppers study timetable, what notes they use, and how well they prepare for the CBSE exam. All of these can help in scoring good marks on the exam. All the Best!

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FAQs on 15 Important Habits of Topper Students in CBSE Board

1. What is the biggest secret of the CBSE topper to score good marks?

One of the biggest secrets of the CBSE topper is to be positive while preparing. Since you are following the right timetable and notes, you can work over it until the exam.

2. Do toppers study at night?

If you are wondering do toppers study at night, then yes, many do, but for a limited time. It is important to get a good sleep to stay fresh.

3. Is the CBSE board exam difficult to crack?

Not much; the exam is simple to crack if you are well set and practised in a good way before the exam. You need to work on your study timetable. Once you are good with it, you can crack the exam.

4. How do class toppers typically behave?

Class toppers often exhibit good behavior by actively participating in class discussions and asking questions to clarify doubts. They tend to attend classes regularly and engage in all learning activities. In case of absence due to illness, they communicate with classmates to ensure they stay updated with class material.

5. How many hours do CBSE toppers typically study?

CBSE toppers emphasize the importance of consistency in their study routine rather than prolonged study sessions. Most toppers suggest studying for 5 to 6 hours per day, emphasizing regularity, organization, and minimizing distractions during study sessions.