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CBSE Syllabus for Class 6 English A Pact with the Sun

Last updated date: 17th Jul 2024
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CBSE Class 6 English A Pact with the Sun Syllabus for 2024-25 Examination Free PDF download

You can download a free PDF of the CBSE Class 6 English chapter - A Pact with the Sun syllabus prepared as per the latest NCERT guidelines. You can also register for online tuitions on Vedantu to clear doubts and download the complete syllabus for Class 6 English to prepare for your examinations. 

How to download a Free Pdf of CBSE Class 6 English Chapter - A Pact with the Sun?

Each time you sit to study, your mind gets diverted by the notifications on your phone, and you cannot turn the net off if you are scrolling through sites to clear your doubts or look up the dictionary. This way, you lose focus and in no time get involved in your phone and forget your studies. To understand all the concepts you study, your mind needs to focus so that you study with full concentration. 

Vedantu offers NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun free PDF, which enables students to study and understand each chapter topic by topic without taking the pain to surf through sites. The course material is available in the form of PDFs so that you can download it and study offline for free. So, no more notifications will worry you now, and you can give your undivided attention to your studies.

CBSE Syllabus for Class 6 English - 'A Pact with the Sun'

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English - A pact with the Sun entitles students to many exciting and interesting learning experiences. Containing questions, correct answers, and detailed explanations for the NCERT Books prescribed by CBSE for Class 6th. The book provides a solution to every chapter in the series. It also serves as an additional problem-solving material that can be used in schools after learning from NCERT books or at home while self-studying. With NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English – A pact with the Sun, simplifying concepts will become easy and reduce school-work load.

"A Pact With The Sun" is a book of stories that have been carefully written to educate as well as entertain students of class 6. The writer's style is simple yet effective. Each story revolves around a certain theme and moral, which makes it easy for the students to understand the importance of the story and its many lessons. The author believes in using stories to educate children and make them aware of their surroundings and the world they live in.

The book is set up into ten chapters, each themed differently. The first chapter, "A Tale of Two Birds", is the story of a bird and her two newborn babies, and it conveys the lesson that one's success relies on keeping the right friends. 

The eighth chapter, which is also the titled chapter — “A Pact with the Sun,” is about Saeeda’s mother’s health. In this story, the doctor advised Saeeda’s mother to sit in the sun every morning from eight to nine AM as a medicine for her disease. The innocent Saeeda waits for the sun rays and takes the promise that they will soon appear after the cloudy sky. Saeeda noticed the rays returning after a few days and happily called her mother. In this story, the young little girl, Saeeda helps her mother in getting the sunlight she requires to recover her health. The theme story's message teaches children that sunshine and fresh air are vital for living a healthy life and that we should act on the basis of logical scientific facts rather than old outdated superstitions and customs. 

At Vedantu, our mission is to provide quality education to every student. With NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English – A pact with the Sun, we are able to provide you with solutions to the latest NCERT book bringing all your questions together in a single document, making it easy to understand. A complete solution with all the solutions of the NCERT book for Class 6th is available in PDF format which can be downloaded and printed easily. It is free of cost and offered by the most popular platform Vedantu.

Chapterwise Stories in the Syllabus: A Pact With the Sun (Class 6)

  • Chapter 1: A Tale of Two Birds

  • Chapter 2: The Friendly Mongoose

  • Chapter 3: The Shepherd's Treasure

  • Chapter 4: The Old-Clock Shop

  • Chapter 5: Tansen

  • Chapter 6: The Monkey and Crocodile

  • Chapter 7: The Wonder Called Sheep

  • Chapter 8: A Pact With the Sun

  • Chapter 9: What Happened To the Reptiles

  • Chapter 10: A Strange Wrestling Match

FAQs on CBSE Syllabus for Class 6 English A Pact with the Sun

1. What are the advantages of learning English from Vedantu?

Students have to face exams, assignments, and projects at all times. Vedantu focuses on equipping students with an ability to decode complex sentence structures, use the correct format of letters, structure paragraphs and sentences in the best possible manner, and storytelling in an interesting and innovative way that keeps our students glued to the story.

Vedantu's unique approach to teaching-learning integrated with language skills and also with the help of study material in PDF format, helps the students to learn complex vocabulary and difficult statements used in the subject English. Vedantu is also one of the best online learning platforms for the English language in India.

2. How can CBSE Syllabus for Class 6 English A Pact with the Sun help you prepare for your exams?

The NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English books can help you study better as they're designed by experts in the subject. Students can begin using these books right away so that there are no problems when it comes to appearing for a test or exam. As a result, you'll perform well and will have developed a good command of the English language.

3. What are the most important chapters in the CBSE Syllabus for Class 6 English A Pact with the Sun?

All chapters are equally important in the English curriculum for 6th grade. These chapters not only teach you morals with interesting stories and poems, but also help in grasping grammar, punctuation, and sentence paragraphing that focus on different ways to improve your writing skills. You shouldn't skip any of these chapters. However, you'll always find the most important questions for every chapter available here at Vedantu.

4. Are the CBSE guidelines strictly followed in the CBSE Syllabus for Class 6 English A Pact with the Sun provided by Vedantu?

Yes, the CBSE guidelines are strictly followed in the NCERT Solutions for Class 6 supplemental English Chapter 6. Vedantu is an ideal website for getting accurate answers to your NCERT questions. Vedantu provides students with chapter-by-chapter NCERT Solutions to their questions.

This allows students to focus on key points and emphasizes the major concepts. Vedantu's CBSE solutions are perfect for board exams preparation as well as other competitive exams.

5. How can I get the CBSE Syllabus for Class 6 English A Pact with the Sun?

Students can download free PDFs of NCERT solutions for their school and higher secondary classes from Vedantu. Our step by step solution to the NCERT textbook offers detailed answers to every question on the subject.

We at Vedantu have launched NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English, with the objective to empower students by helping them learn and understand the concepts in a better way and make it easy for them to crack their exams in a short span of time. You can also avail all the well-researched and good quality chapters, sample papers, syllabus on various topics from the website of Vedantu and its mobile application available on the play store.