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RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 7 Chapter-3 Decimals (Ex 3A) Exercise 3.1

Last updated date: 13th Jul 2024
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RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 7 Chapter-3 Decimals (Ex 3A) Exercise 3.1 - Free PDF

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This chapter has been introduced in the syllabus for the students who are preparing for the class 7 examination. At the initial stages, the students might face some difficulties in solving equations involving the decimal number system. But once they understand the concept behind it, solving equations will be easier for them. So, let us learn what the decimal number system signifies.

What is Defined by Decimal Number System?

Decimal is a particular kind of number system and it is one of the standard systems that denote numerical values. Both integer and non-integer numbers can be presented with the help of a decimal number system. To be precise, the decimal number system is used to write or present a particular numerical value that is not whole.

If you are still having issues with understanding the concept, let me clarify it. We write 100 when we want to refer to something that is equivalent to the value of 100. But if the value of the particular thing that you are referring to is something between 100 and 101, then you have to use the decimal number system in order to make the people understand its value accurately. Then you have to write the number like 100.5 or 100.4. 

How to Calculate Decimals?

To calculate an equation involving a decimal number system you must learn how to add or multiply decimal numbers. You also need to learn how to subtract or divide a decimal number with another. But the most basic rule that you need to remember is that you need to be careful during the calculation process and pay special attention, especially while handling the numbers and maintaining the alignment that involves the decimal point.

Do not forget to add the decimal point in the final result that you will be left with, at the end of the calculation process. When you are adding or subtracting, get done with the numbers first that are placed on the right side of the decimal point. Learn the use of the decimal number system and the calculation process involved in it very well as it is one of the basic concepts of mathematics.

FAQs on RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 7 Chapter-3 Decimals (Ex 3A) Exercise 3.1

1. What are the benefits of consulting the RS Aggarwal book solutions Class 7 chapter 3 Decimals?

The RS Aggarwal book’s solutions Class 7 Chapter 3 decimals are designed in a way that will help the students in solving their problems including various mathematical equations. The students will get a detailed explanation of how the calculating process is followed in a particular mathematical problem related to decimals and also they will get access to an authentic source of verifying their own answers as well. The problems are solved by efficient teachers and hence, reliable.

2. How can the website of Vedantu help students in preparing Class 7 Chapter 3 decimals better for the examinations?

The website is highly beneficial for the students who are preparing for their examinations. Since the arrival of this pandemic era, the students are going through a lot of difficulties in communicating with their mentors and clarifying their doubts by asking them direct questions. The website of Vedantu can solve all the problems and concerns of the students by providing them with free printable documents in PDF format. The students also have the option to join the classes at Vedantu.

3. Is the RS Aggarwal book designed with practice sets and model question papers for Class 7 Chapter 3 decimals?

The RS Aggarwal books are designed for those students who want to score better in the examinations because all the chapters are designed in an organised way to provide the students with relevant information step by step. The lessons not only convey the most important concepts along with their explanations in lucid language but also there are practice sets included at the end of the chapters so that the students can get an opportunity to evaluate their own performance and understanding of a particular subject matter. The learners can also go through the model question papers.

4. Is it advisable to skip Class 7 Chapter 3 decimals from RS Aggarwal while preparing for the examinations?

It is not advisable to skip any of the chapters prescribed by CBSE. The board has designed the syllabus for the students in a way that will provide them with in-depth knowledge and concept of a particular subject in the most comprehensive manner. All the things that they will learn throughout their learning process will come in handy for them when they will pursue their higher academics. That is why the RS Aggarwal books are designed so that the students can consult these books for better understanding.

5. What is the most important thing to learn about decimals?

When it comes to solving mathematical equations the most important thing that the students must be efficient at, is the calculation process. All the mathematical equations mostly deal with numbers and that is why the students need to be able to quickly solve simple mathematical equations like addition, multiplication along with subtraction and division. Once they master the calculation techniques they can solve more or less all types of mathematical equations involving decimals.