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RD Sharma Class 7 Maths Solutions Chapter 17 - Constructions

Last updated date: 23rd Apr 2024
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RD Sharma Solutions for Class 7 Maths Chapter 17 - Constructions - Free PDF Download

Anyone can download RD Sharma’s Class 7 Maths, Chapter -  Constructions which are available here for free. Solutions of RD Sharma Class 7 Maths,  Chapter 17,  are developed to help students enhance their proficiency and subject awareness. With the help of specialized tools, the figures with different measurements are drawn and constructed, which is the easiest method of construction. RD Sharma Solutions/Answers of Class 7 Maths, Chapter 17, therefore, provides a comprehensive set of examples from which students may learn and practice. RD Sharma’s  Class 7 Maths, has provided the Solutions of Chapter 17 - Construction, free of charge so that anyone who has any sort of doubt/query regarding the subject matter and content of the chapter can easily clear it out. 

Class 7 RD Sharma’s Textbook Solutions/Answers of Chapter 17 - Construction

Introduction to RD Sharma’s  Class 7 Maths Chapter - “Construction” :

RD Sharma Maths Solutions Class 7 Chapter 17 - Construction, provided by Vedantu makes students comprehend the basics of geometry, such as - various definitions of certain topics and creation of angles, distances, and other geometric figures with the assistance of tools like a compass and a ruler. By class 7, students are familiar with the basic shapes/figures and it’s construction, which makes it much easier for them to score well in their examinations. Maths Solutions offered by RD Sharma are high in demand amongst students of class 7, as sequenced and detailed methods are provided for the construction of geometric figures, which now further has extended in as to how to draw a parallel line and triangles with different measurements. 

Vedantu also has provided NCERT solutions/answers of class 7 so that students can understand the concepts with different approaches as well. 

Some of the Important Topics That are Covered in This Chapter Are: 

  • Drawing a line parallel to a given line

  • Different triangle construction such as

  1. SSS triangle constructions

  2. SAS triangle constructions

  3. ASA triangle constructions and 

  4. and RHS triangle constructions.

List of Exercise With Solutions of  Class 7 Maths Chapter 17 -  Construction

Preparation Tips to Score Well in the Exams: 

  • Forming study groups in each of your classes might be a beneficial and enjoyable method to prepare for exams, in addition to making friends. 

  • Working together as a team would result in building healthy study habits which would strengthen team spirit and increase trust. Exchange of ideas, approaches, methods of studying and interpreting the concepts would also help anyone in general. 

  • Another technique or tip which is fruitful for students involves rewriting important topics like essential facts, ideas, and meanings on flashcards.  Flashcards enhance your memorization skills and comprehension. 

Solutions of  RD Sharma Class 7 Maths allows students to aim and earn a successful academic score in their exams. These methods are planned and produced by experts to improve students' confidence in learning and understanding the concepts covered in this chapter and also bring forth the strategies to quickly solve the problems. These study materials are composed on the basis of the Class 7 CBSE syllabus, taking into account the various kinds of questions presented in RD Sharma Class 7 Maths Chapter Constructions. The chapter broadly discusses the construction of triangles which have four parts/exercises.
Likewise, the expert faculty at Vedantu have provided answers for each chapter to make students grasp the concept well in a simple and easy manner so that they can score well. These solutions provided by Vedantu can be obtained by anyone at any time from the downloaded PDF so that one can get the most out of it and make their learning process more effective. 

FAQs on RD Sharma Class 7 Maths Solutions Chapter 17 - Constructions

1. In Architectural Construction, Which Branch of Mathematics is Used?

In architectural construction, geometry, arithmetic, and trigonometry all play key roles. To plan their blueprints or original draught plans, architects apply these mathematical forms. They also measure the possibility of challenges that could be encountered by the development team when they put the concept vision to reality in three dimensions.

2. What is a Congruent Angle?

Congruent angles are at the same angle (in degrees and radians, both are units of measure for angles). As long as the angles are the same, angles are congruent, they do not have to point in the same direction, they do not have to be generated with lines of the same length.

3. What is Meant by Construction?

Construction involves constructing things in the general sense. Yet it has a peculiar significance in geometry. Here, construction is the process of drawing geometric forms using only a compass and a straight line. Precisely draw a shape, line, or angle using a compass and a straight line (ruler). You can also have a protractor and triangle occasionally.

4. How can I prepare well from RD Sharma Solutions Class 7 Maths? 

Solutions provided by Vedantu of RD Sharma Class 7 Maths are extremely useful for all the students who wish to score well in their examinations. These solutions are 100% accurate with proper guidelines and steps with which you can answer and attempt any question paper of Maths. Vedantu experts have always been cautious while solving questions and preparing solutions. So, if you follow these notes provided by Vedantu, which are made as per the guidelines of CBSE and even in accordance with NCERT. 

5. Is this Chapter Important as per the examination and would these solutions be enough?

Yes, the Construction chapter of RD Sharma is quite important and scoring as well. It is not at all difficult and can guarantee you brilliant marks in examinations. Students of class 7 should always prefer this chapter because as compared to the other chapters, it is easy and scoring, which is a bonus for all of you. Moreover, the solutions provided by Vedantu can boost your answering skills, just follow the instructions step-by-step and practice each and every exercise in the book. 

6. What is known as Construction in Simple Words? 

Construction generally involves constructing things/objects in general. However, it has a different connotation in geometry. Here, Construction is the process of drawing geometric figures using only tools like a compass and a ruler, according to the measurements. One can also use a protractor and triangle if required. 

7. Is the Construction Chapter's Solutions of RD Sharma Scoring or Hard? 

Yes, Construction is one of the most scoring chapters in Maths and anyone who possesses a good understanding of the chapter with great clarity can score full marks from this chapter itself. Simple rules and techniques are enough to earn good and satisfactory marks. Hence, this chapter is not at all hard. 

8. How should we construct figures which are appropriate and perfect? 

A clean paper itself can make your geometrical figures look perfect. Always sharpen your pencils and don't use them harshly as well. Keep checking the measurements,   always mark the points, and don't erase the figure again and again because it might tear the page. Students can download free study material from Vedantu mobile app and site for free.