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RD Sharma Class 11 Solutions Chapter 23 - The Straight Lines (Ex 23.17) Exercise 23.17

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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RD Sharma Class 11 Solutions Chapter 23 - The Straight Lines Exercise 23.17 - Free PDF

Class 11 chapter the straight line is a chapter based on geometry this chapter deals with coordinate geometry. This chapter can only be studied if the student has cleared his or her concepts of geometry taught in earlier classes like coordinate axis, coordinate plane, Plotting of points in a plane, the distance between two points, section formula. These are just the basic foundations of geometry and an understanding of these is required if a student wants to ace this chapter called the straight line. A straight line can simply be defined as a line in geometry that has zero width and a line that extends on both sides. 

RD Sharma provides an extensive number of numerical questions that are based on this chapter of geometry. Solving these practise questions will increase the student’s ability to solve them in a time-efficient manner and will also help to clear their concepts on geometry. The expert mathematics teachers at Vedantu Have done extensive research and curated the solutions of the practice questions in the RD Sharma book of class 11 mathematics. Vedantu has solutions for all the chapters of the RD Sharma book, not only for class 11, the solutions can be easily accessed for classes 6 to 12 of the RD Sharma book.

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Topics Under Class 11 Chapter 23 The Straight Lines

The topics covered in this chapter are –

  • The slope of a Line

  • The slope of a line when coordinates of any two points on the line are given.

  • Conditions for parallelism and perpendicularity of lines in terms of their slopes

  • The angle between two lines

  • Collinearity of three points

  • Various Forms of the Equation of a Line

  • Horizontal and vertical lines

  • Point-slope form

  • Two-point form

  • Slope-intercept form

  • Intercept – form

  • Normal form

  • General Equation of a Line

  • Different forms of Ax + By + C = 0

  • Distance of a Point From a Line

  • Distance between two parallel lines

The concept of a straight line and the many operations associated with it can be understood with the help of practice books like RD Sharma. This book will increase your problem-solving skills and students will be able to solve the questions in a time-efficient manner in the exam. Vedantu is a one-stop destination for all your study needs, here you can find all the RD Sharma solutions and important questions.

FAQs on RD Sharma Class 11 Solutions Chapter 23 - The Straight Lines (Ex 23.17) Exercise 23.17

1. Why is the straight-line important to study?

A straight line is an extremely important chapter in geometry. Geometry holds a considerable weightage in the exams as laid out by the CBSE curriculum. It deals mainly with the concept of point-slope, slope-intercept form of the straight line, the angle between two lines, intercept form of straight lines, the normal form of straight lines, etc. all these topics are covered in depth in RD Sharma and all the study material is available on the Vedantu website for free of cost.

2. What are the important topics covered in the chapter 23?

The Straight-line of class 11 is one of the foundations of geometry. The important topics covered in this chapter are- Slope of a line when coordinates of any two points on the line are given, Conditions for parallelism and perpendicularity of lines in terms of their slopes, Angle between two lines, Collinearity of three points, Various Forms of the Equation of a Line, Different forms of Ax + By + C = 0, Distance of a Point From a Line, Distance between two parallel lines. RD Sharma gives a comprehensive understanding of all the major topics and includes an innumerable number of practice questions.

3. Are the questions difficult to solve in chapter 23 exercise 23.17?

The questions given in RD Sharma are not at all difficult to solve once the student has developed an understanding of the basic concepts of the chapter. It contains some questions which is of higher difficulty. If you want to improve your scorecard then RD Sharma is the right option to choose from. The question in rd Sharma Will also prepare you for the next session. 

 4. Where can I find the revision notes of the chapter in straight lines Exercise 23.17?

Nowadays everything is easily accessible on the web. All the study material related to any chapter in this case straight lines is easily available on Vedanta’s website the study material is for free and the links are easily accessible. Vedanta is an expert mathematics teacher who has done extensive research and curated maths revision notes for this chapter. If you want to ace in the class you can learn and understand from these study materials.