Zoological name of common bath sponge is
A. Hyalonema
B. Euspongia
C. Euplectella
D. Spongilla

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Hint: Sponges are soft to use. They should have scrubbing property to exfoliate the skin. They should not be harsh on the skin. They should be available nearby. They should have a special characteristic to earn the customer.

Complete answer:
Various sponges exist in our nature. All have different purposes. Some are found on the surface while some are underneath the surface.

Let us learn about the options given-
>Option A. Hyalonema: It is a type of Porifera having rough threads with a long twisted bundle of glass fibres. It is used to anchor the sponge to the marshy sea bed. It has a long projection. It gives a glass rope-like look. Hence its common name is glass rope.
>Option B. Euspongia: They belong to the genus spongia. They are sea sponges. Its common name is bath sponge. The bath sponges also belong to the Hippospongia genus. It has woody, sponge-like fibres used for scrubbing while bathing.
>Option C. Euplectella: the venus flower basket is the common of is a marine sponge found in the deep waters of the Pacific Ocean. It is given as a wedding gift as it is believed that the sponge is housing two small shrimps, male and female, which live out inside the sponge. It has interwoven siliceous spicules.
>Option D. Spongilla: Freshwater sponge is its common name. It is a siliceous freshwater sponge that is green in colour and forms submerged objects. They may be branched or unbranched. They have ostia present on their surface. Their colour may vary from yellow to green.

Hence the correct answer is option B: Euspongia.

Note: They all belong to phylum Porifera. They are the primitive marine creatures usually. They have a body full of pores allowing the water to circulate and remove all the excess and toxic products. They do not have a complex body system. They have a jelly-like soft consistency sandwiched in between two layers of cells.