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X-ray beam can be deflected:
(A). By an electric field.
(B). By a magnetic field.
(C). By electric and magnetic fields both.
(D). Neither by an electric field nor a magnetic field.

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Hint: X-rays are electromagnetic radiations. They are high energy radiations that are not produced by the movement of charges. This radiation has a high penetrating nature and is therefore used in scanning. Similar to heat radiations, these rays are also radiations. The small number of X-rays are accompanied by the sunlight that reaches the Earth.

Complete step-by-step solution -
Complete step by step answer: Electric fields are produced by charged particles and these fields interact with charged particles. Electrically charged particle motion produces a magnetic field. Since X-rays does not contain any charged particles, it does not deflect these beams. The magnetic field is produced by materials with magnetic characteristics. They deflect charged particles and magnets. The electric and magnetic fields can interact with each other particles with induction. X-rays do not contain any of these particles and hence can neither be deflected by an electric field nor a magnetic field. Therefore. The correct option is D.

Additional information:
X-rays are radiations and hence can pass through the vacuum. They do not require a medium for their propagation. Electromagnetic radiations from the Sun reaches the Earth without a medium in between. Light is electromagnetic radiation which has a frequency that is visible to our naked eye. Because of the high frequency and high energy of X-ray radiations, it is not seen but observed by people.
The properties of X-rays are;
1) They have a shorter wavelength than the visible spectrum.
2) They can travel through the vacuum.
3) They will choose the straight line for travelling.
4) They can penetrate through several materials at various degrees.

Note: X-rays, gamma rays, infra-red rays are all electromagnetic radiations. X-ray pumps are required for the production of X-rays. It is produced by the movement of fast-moving electrons from the cathode to anode. Sudden deceleration of fast-moving electrons releases energy in the form of X-rays. X-rays are produced by the fast-moving electrons, but it does not contain any electrons or any other charged particles. Do not confuse with X-ray production. During this production, only 1% of the energy becomes X-rays. All other energy will be removed from the anode in the form of heat.
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