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Write sentences using the clipped words from ‘advertisement’ and ‘telephone’

Last updated date: 22nd Jul 2024
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Hint: Clipping is the process of reducing a polysyllabic word by removing one or more syllables. Truncation or shortening are other terms of clipping.
Examples: Spec = speculation , Vet = veteran

Complete answer:
By deleting any of the expressions, a long word can be made shorter. This results in the creation of a new term (usually one syllable long). As an informal/slang phrase, this word is substituted for the original word.
There are three types of clipping, they are:
i) Back clipping - In this type the begging is retained.
Ad = advertisement
Doc = doctor
Gas = gasoline

ii) Fore clipping - The final part is retained
Chute = parachute
Coon = raccoon
Phone = telephone

iii) Middle clipping - The middle part is retained.
Flu =influenza
Fridge = refrigerator

The question given to us is that, we have to frame the sentences by clipping the words “advertisement” and “telephone”.
a) “Advertisement” – It is clipped using the Back clipping type, hence the clipped word is ‘ad’
Many companies proposed the ad to establish their products to the customers.
I work for an ad agency.
The ad appeared on television.

b) “Telephone” – It is clipped using the fore clipping type, hence the clipped word is ‘phone’
- I got a new cell phone.
- My phone bill is higher than usual this month.
- They disconnected my phone.

Note: Clipping can happen in a compound as well. In most cases, one portion of the initial compound remains intact after complex clipping. However, both halves of a compound are often clipped:
Cablegram = cable telegram
Op art = optical art
Org man = organization man