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Write names of at least 2 objects from day-to-day life, which are in the shape of the basic 3D shapes given below:
(i) Cone
(ii) Cube
(iii) Cuboid
(iv) Sphere
(v) Cylinder.

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: We see a lot of objects in our daily life. These objects have all different kinds of sizes and shapes. On looking closely, we can say most of those objects are made of the basic 3D solid shapes. They can be conical, cubical, cuboidal, spherical, cylindrical or combination of one or more of these shapes. We will look around ourselves and sort the objects according to their basic 3D shape. After segregation of the objects, we will tabulate this data.

Complete step-by-step answer:
First, we will look around us and find all the shapes which are conical in shape.
seo images

The first object which comes to our mind is an ice-cream cone. It is perfectly conical. The second object is traffic cones. Party hats used on birthdays are also conical in shape. Funnels used for pouring oil are also conical.
Now, we move to cubical shape.
seo images

Ice cubes are cubical as the name suggests. Other cubical object is playing dice. We also know that Rubik cubes are perfectly cubical. Sugar cubes are also cubical.
Cuboidal objects are the most common objects.
seo images

Bricks are cuboidal. Erasers and mobile phones are also cuboidal. Pencil boxes are also cuboidal.
Balls are of spherical shape.
seo images

There are many fruits which are spherical, namely orange. Balloons are also spherical. Another spherical shape object is a globe.
When it comes to cylindrical objects, we have pipes and pencils.
seo images

Cricket wickets are cylindrical and tree trunks are also cylindrical.
Let us now tabulate this data.
Coneice-cream conetraffic conesparty hatsfunnels
Cubeice-cubesDiceRubik’s cubesugar cubes
CuboidbricksErasersmobile phonespencil box
CylinderpipespencilsCricket wicketsTree trunks

Note: There are many other objects in the given basic shapes. Students can write any of those objects. It is not compulsory that the objects should be strictly like the shapes. For example, traffic cones do not have a pointed apex, still they are conical in shape.