Write down the negative (additive inverse) of the following:
\[ - 1\]

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Hint:By reading the given question, we understood that we have to find out the additive inverse of -1. The additive inverse of a number \[x\] is nothing but the number that gives zero if we add to\[x\]. For example, if \[x\] is an additive inverse of \[y\], then \[x + y = 0\]. So to find the additive inverse of the given number follows the below step by step process to get a clear solution.

Complete step-by-step answer:
Let the additive inverse of given number be A
As per the rule of additive inverse,
\[ - 1 + A = 0\]
\[A = 0 + 1\]
\[A = 1\]
Therefore, we can say that the additive inverse of -1 is 1.

Note:The simplest way to find the additive inverse of a given real number is to change its sign or multiply with a minus (-). If the given number is positive, then write its corresponding negative number. If the given number is negative, then write its corresponding positive number.
 Do not get confused between the additive inverse and additive identity. Additive identity property states that for any number a, the sum \[a\] and \[0\] is equal to \[a\].
The additive inverse can also be called a reverse sign, opposite sign, negation, etc.
Inverses like additive inverse are useful for learning how to cancel terms when solving the variables in formulas and equations. This process is used for deleting terms in the process.