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Write a short note on Impex garment factory.

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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> Garment factory means makers and sellers of fashionable clothing.
> Garment factory or industry is a type of trade.
> Garment industry is also called the clothing industry.

Complete answer:
The Impex garment factory employs mostly women. The workers work on a temporary basis in the Impex garment factory. They can be asked to leave at any time. Their wages are fixed according to their skills. Women are employed as helpers. Women are engaged in thread cutting, ironing, buttoning and packaging. They get the lowest wages.

More women are employed in the Impex garment factory because they agree to work even at the lowest possible wages. The highest-paid among the workers are the tailors who get about Rs. 3000 per month.

Impex garment factory or industry deals with the clothing industry like shirts, jeans, pants and all other clothing items. More and more women are employed in the Impex garment factory because women are ready to work at the lowest wages.

The word ‘Impex’ is a combination of two words which are “Import” and “Export”. This word is most commonly used for the business which deals in import and export.

> Impex garment factory launches some schemes to women related to work, empowerment, etc.
> Women are employed in the Impex garment factory because women know about the sense of fashion and fittings.
> Women know how to stitch clothes.
> Women work at the lowest wage rate and they help the factory to cut it costs and get a profit by reducing costs.