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Write a dialogue between two friends who have just come out of the examination hall.

Last updated date: 13th Jul 2024
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Hint: The speaker's exact words are surrounded by quotation marks in dialogue. The quotation marks are used to distinguish the dialogue from the narration, which is written in standard text format.

Complete answer:
Alina: I'm Alina. Aiman, hello there. How did you do in today's edition of the newspaper?
Aiman: I'm Aiman. It's fine. However, you seem elated. What went wrong with you?
Alina: Oh, my goodness! This day has been a nightmare for me. From the beginning, the questions terrified me. It was my hope that I could save myself in some way.
Aiman: But I have answered all the questions. To be honest, all of the questions were a little stiff and difficult. However, I was able to continue with relative ease.
Alina: Questions no 2 and 4 were not common to me. Overall, I found the questions to be extremely difficult.
Aiman: I don't think so. It seemed very hard to you as you did not study well owning to your illness.
Alina: I'm Alina. Your hypothesis may be correct or incorrect. I'm not sure. However, it is true that you are an excellent student. As a result, the situation is special.
Aiman: I'm Aiman. Even, the paper as a whole isn't too difficult to pass with a 50% grade.
Alina: I'm referring to regular students.
Aiman: I didn't see any sad students.
Alina: I'm Alina. So, what exactly are you saying? The questions were unquestionably challenging for average students like myself.
Aiman: The grammar questions were simple. Furthermore, the students have been asked to write an essay on a very popular subject.
Alina: Don't forget that you're one of our class's good guys. By the way, I'm curious if our examiners have any empathy for us.
Aiman: They're just rational people.
Alina: I'm Alina. In this instance, I concur with you. However, I am encouraged to see that you are upbeat.
Aiman: Let's hope for the best and get down to business.

Note: Debate, Dialogue, Discourse, and Diatribe are the four types of conversations. It's good to know what kind of conversation you're having while speaking with others.