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World summit on sustainable development, 2002 was held in
A) Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.
B) Johannesburg, South Africa.
C) Dehradun, India.
D) New York, USA.

Last updated date: 21st Jul 2024
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Hint: Community development, creating economies and innovative modern headways are the aspects that are noticed by the declaration of the conference will hurt the climate, in common liberty terms environmentalism is framed by the declaration of the conference

Complete answer:
Let us first study the options to find the correct answer:
Option A: The Rio de Janeiro Earth summit was the united nations conference on environment and development (UNCED) and it was a significant united nations meeting held in Rio de Janeiro Brazil from 3 to 14 June in 1992. as it is not held in 2002 Therefore, this is the incorrect answer.

Option B: World summit on sustainable development was held in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2002, from 26 August to 4 September. It was a phenomenal occasion in the practical turn of events to reinforce the part of wellbeing. So as this event was held in 2002, therefore, this is the correct answer.

Option C: In April 2020 Uttarakhand wellness summit was held in Dehradun and the main function is to help the inherent strengths and elevate the Himalayan state build into the status of a global spiritual economic zone. As it was held in 2020, therefore, this is an incorrect answer.

Option D: In New York, USA there is a millennium summit which was held in September 2000, it was the meeting among many world leaders which lasted for three days from 6 to 8 September at the United nations headquarters. Therefore, this is an incorrect answer.

Thus, option (B) is the correct answer.

Note: World summit on sustainable development, 2002 was held in order to agree on a new global deal on sustainable development. Various development policies and practices which are required to be taken into account in present and in future were discussed. But, not all countries agreed to a target on renewable energy and this was seen as a major disappointment of the conference.