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Wilhelm I was declared Kaiser of Germany in

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- William I reigned as Emperor of Germany and King of Prussia.
- Kaiser is a German word that signifies "Emperor."

Complete answer:
William I, German in full Wilhelm Friedrich Ludwig, German emperor from 1871 and king of Prussia from 1861, a ruler whose conscientiousness and self-restraint suited him for partnership with stronger statesmen in bringing his monarchy and the Hohenzollern family to power in Germany.

Prussia achieved the unification of Germany and the founding of the German Empire under the leadership of William and his minister-president Otto von Bismarck. Despite his extended support for Bismarck as Minister-President, William was wary of aspects of Bismarck's reactionary ideas, including his anti-Catholicism and harsh treatment of subordinates. In contrast to Bismarck's autocratic rule,
William was described as polite, gentlemanly, and, while strongly conservative, more sympathetic to certain classical liberal concepts than his grandson Wilhelm II, known as Wilhelm the Great during his reign.

Wilhelm I's coronation -
- Wilhelm was proclaimed German Emperor on January 18, 1871. (Kaiser).
- The coronation took place in France's Palace of Versailles, in the Hall of Mirrors.
- Otto Von Bismarck, the man infamous for his 'blood and iron' foreign policy, was largely responsible for - Germany's unification. He was named Minister-President of Prussia in 1962, and after Germany's unification in 1971, he was named First Chancellor of Germany.

Therefore, Wilhelm I was proclaimed Kaiser of Germany on January 18, 1871.

Note: In the years, a great number of memorials/statues were erected across the country to honour Wilhelm I. The Kyffhäuser monument (1890–96) in Thuringia, the monument at Porta Westfalica (1896), and the mounted statue of William at the Deutsches Eck in Koblenz are the most well-known (1897).
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