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Which State in India is the leading producer of Sulphur?
A. Uttar Pradesh
B. Tamil Nadu
C. Assam
D. Punjab

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It is non-metal.
It is a yellow crystalline solid.
It is low in toxicity for people.

Complete answer:
Option A: Uttar Pradesh is the state which is the leading producer of Sulphur in India. It produces approximately 11% of the total Sulphur production. After it comes, West Bengal produces 10% of the Sulphur, then comes Bihar and Assam contributing 2% of the Sulphur production. Sulphur is produced in the form of a sulphuric acid by smelting it. When a small amount is produced as Sulphur dioxide it is emitted from petroleum products which is used in vehicles and also in power plants. So, it is the correct answer.

Option B – Tamil Nadu is the leading producer of Thorium consisting of 457,000 to 5,08,000 tonnes of thorium contributing around 21% of the total production. So, it is not the correct answer.

Option C – Assam is the leading producer of coal in the state of India and our nation is known to be the fifth largest coal reserves in the World.

Option D – Punjab is known to be the largest producer of cotton and blended yarn. So, it is also not the correct answer.

Therefore, the correct answer is C

India is known to be the world’s largest copper reserve and beats Russia and China has the highest copper reserves.
India is known to be the third largest exporter of iron ore in the World.
India consists of the World’s largest share of thorium deposits according to a report given by International Atomic Energy Agency and Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.
Last updated date: 21st Sep 2023
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