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Which soil is best known for cotton cultivation?
A. Red soil
B. Yellow soil
C. Black soil
D. None of these

Last updated date: 18th Jun 2024
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Hint: Cotton is one of the most important commercial crops and is playing a key role in the Indian industrial and agricultural economy by providing basic raw materials and direct livelihood to more than 6 million farmers and employment to more than 60 million people. The soil which is used for the cultivation of cotton is very enriched with carbon.

Complete step by step answer:
Black soil is an important type of mineral soil that is enriched with organic carbon and the parent material for black soils are formed from the volcanic rocks found in the Deccan Plateau. Black soil is also known by the name “Regur” as it is essentially found in the lava-covered areas of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, etc. with a very high content of clay and having the capacity to retain moisture. Cotton is an important crop cultivated in black soil. This crop flourishes well in black soil because of its clayey nature. High moisture retention is needed for cotton cultivation. Black soils are very fine-grained and dark and it contains a high proportion of calcium and magnesium carbonates which makes it very suitable for the growth of cotton. Black soils also have high quantities of iron, lime, magnesium, and aluminum. However, it has a deficiency in phosphates, nitrogen, and humus. Cotton is a crop that requires a good quantity of water and the quality of the black soil helps in moisture retention for proper growth of the cotton crop.
So, the correct answer is Option C.

Note: Cotton is a Kharif crop and in India, cotton cultivation is done on a large scale. Among the following states, Gujarat tops in cotton production, followed by Maharashtra and Punjab. Black soil is also called Regur.