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Which river of India is known as Meghna in Bangladesh?

Last updated date: 22nd Jul 2024
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Hint: The combined flow of the Ganga (Padma in Bangladesh), the Barak river and the Yamuna river is known as Meghna in Bangladesh.

Complete answer:
The river basin of Brahmaputra consists of the Ganges too, along with the Barak River originating in India. These rivers converge in Bangladesh as the Meghna River and flow out to the Bay of Bengal. The name for the largest tributary of the Ganges in Bangladesh is the Padma River. When the Padma joins with the Yamuna river, the largest tributary of the Brahmaputra, and they meet with the Meghna river near Chandpur District. This newly formed river is known as the Lower Meghna.

Additional information:The Meghna River is one of the important rivers in Bangladesh, one of the three that form the Ganges Delta. A part of the Surma-Meghna River System, Meghna is formed within the borders of Bangladesh in the district of Kishoreganj by the confluence of the Surma and the Kushiyara, both of which are originated from the hilly regions of eastern India as the Barak River.
The Meghna meets its major tributary, the Padma, in Chandpur District. Other major tributaries of Meghna are Dhaleshwari, Gumti, and Feni. The Meghna finally fans out to the Bay of Bengal in Bhola District.

Note:The Meghna is formed due to the joining of the Surma and Kushiyara rivers (together known as Barak river in India) originating from the hilly regions of eastern India. Till Chandpur, Meghna is hydrographically known as the ‘Upper Meghna’.
After joining the Padma, it is known as the ‘Lower Meghna’. Before fanning out to the Bay of Bengal, Meghna divides into two main streams in the Ganges delta and separates an island from both sides of the mainland. The western stream is known as Ilsha while the eastern one is named Bamni. Together they form the largest delta named Ganges delta.