Which of the following points about Indira Mahila Yojana is false?
A. Woman would be helped to ensure their participation in the decision-making process. It will generate awareness among women.
B. A national women's fund has been created to help women in need.
C. Crime department has set up a separate wing to deal with the crime in women. It is called a crime against women cell.
D. Schools are to be set up at the village level for women.

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Hint: The Constitution of India under Article 14( Right to Equality) provides provisions for the betterment of women without any discrimination. Article 15 (3) makes the provisions for positive discrimination for women. Under this Yojana, women groups are formed working with the Indira Mahila Kendras that had been established at the Anganwadi level.

Complete answer:
The Indira Mahila Yojana (IMY) targets coordinating at the grass-root level to encourage their support in dynamic and their strengthening was dispatched on 20 August 1995, in the first place, in 200 ICDS blocks. The strength of the plan lies in the strength of gathering elements. The targets of the plan are a union of the plans of each sectoral division; mindfulness age among the women from country regions and metropolitan ghettos; and monetary strengthening of women. Other programs such as Rural electrification, energy sources, social forestry, education, health, road connectivity, etc. were also included as part of the scheme.
So, the correct answer is Option D.

Note: For the empowerment of women, the union and state governments of India run various Yojana/Schemes. But because of poor implementation, corruption, and people’s ignorance of them, they are not proved fruitful to the targeted audience. This leads to the misuse of the allocated fund and its distribution. However, the people who are well aware of the provisions of the scheme are benefited and those who have lack information are left out.