Which of the following musical instruments has developed in India?
D.All of these

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Hint: India has a rich musical history and the musical instruments are divided based on their nature. According to the Hornbostal – Sachs system, the musical instruments of India are categorized into four. They are:
1.The first one is chordophones-it includes string instruments,
2.The second one is aerophones-it includes wind instruments,
3.The third one is membranophones-it includes drums, and
4.The fourth one is idiophones-it includes non-drum percussion instruments.

Complete answer:
Tabla is an essential instrument in Northern India. The word Tabla is derived from the Arabic word ‘table’ which means an instrument facing upwards with a flat surface. It is mainly used to accompany vocal, and instrumental music and dance. The use of Tabla comes from an instrument used for Hindustani Classical Music. Tabla has consisted of two drums and it is played by the same performer. The sizes of the two drums are different. The larger one is called bayan and it is made of metal or pottery. The smaller drum is called dahini, and sometimes it is called Tabla. It is made of rosewood and helps for playing higher pitch sound.

Mridangam is one of the important and renowned musical instruments used in southern parts of India. The shape of Mridangam is like a drum and it is made up of wood. The size of the left and right sides of Mridangam is comparatively not the same. The right-side drum is smaller than the left side drum. The musician uses this instrument by hand.

Dholak is a two headed hand drum developed from the Indian subcontinent. This instrument is mainly used for folk dances. It is also popular in Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. The technique to play Dholak is changing based on the change in places. The two-sided dhoka are different based on their pitch. On one side there is a high pitch, and on another side, there is a low pitch.

When looking on to the three options of question all of them are developed in India.

Hence, the correct answer is option (D).

Note: People in India worship goddess Saraswati as the wisdom of music and knowledge. In India, the accessibility of instruments is very high. The tradition of music also originated from the
development of musical instruments. Every instrument contributes various sounds, which is adored by all.