Which of the following is the most malleable metal?
(A). Silver
(B). Copper
(C). Gold
(D). Platinum

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- Hint: The metals which can be beaten into sheets are known as malleable metals. More the metals can be beaten, more is its malleability.

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All the metals given in the option are malleable to some extent but among them, gold is the most malleable one. We can take 1 ounce (28.35 gm) of gold and beat it into a sheet of 300 square feet. We can even beat a thin foil of gold enough to make the foil transparent. Let us know more about malleability.
Malleability is a physical property of a metal. It is the ability to be hammered, rolled, pressed or squeezed into thin sheets without breaking.
We can measure the malleability of metal by measuring how much pressure it can withstand without breaking.
When we see at the molecular level, we observe that the compression stress applied to the metal by using external pressure forces its atoms to roll over each other and acquire a new position without breaking the metallic bond among them. They stay in their position permanently and in this way metallic sheets are formed.
For the metal to exhibit malleability, it must be softer. Harder metals cannot be beaten into sheets. Putting lots of pressure into harder metals will break it.

Note: Don’t confuse between malleability and ductility. Both are the property of a metal to change into different shapes. As we know malleability is the property of a metal to deform and change into sheets under pressure without breaking. On the other hand, ductility is the property of the metal to stretch into wires without causing any damage to itself. Both the properties are exclusive but most of the malleable metals are ductile.

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