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Which of the following is not a polymer?
(A)- Ice
(B)- Starch
(C)- Protein
(D)- Cellulose

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Hint: To answer this question we have to know about the polymers. So, polymers are the large and long-chained macromolecules obtained by the repetition of the same or different molecules and are having a high boiling point and melting points.

Complete step by step answer:
Here we will discuss the above-given options in the following manner:
-Ice is the condensed form of water molecule but it is not a polymer because it is not present as a macromolecule or having a very high boiling point.
-Starch is a polymer and obtained by the addition of many monomer units which is glucose in the case of starch. Starch comes under the category of polysaccharides.
-Protein is also a polymer and obtained by the binding of thousands of amino acids through a peptide bond. Protein comes under the category of polypeptides.
-Cellulose comes under the category of polysaccharides and it is also an example of a polymer as it is also obtained by the combination of many monomer units. And in this polymer glucose is the monomer.
From the above discussion, it is clear that ice is not a polymer. So, the correct answer is “Option A”.

Note: Here some of you may think that ice is also a polymer as it is also formed by the combination of many water molecules, but it is not true because we have to keep in mind many other factors like boiling point and chemical properties also for the prediction of polymer molecules.