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Which of the following is a dominant phase of pteridophyte?
A. Capsule
B. Gametophyte
C. Sporophyte
D. Embryo

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Hint: Pteridophytes are the group of plants and they are primitive plants, one of the examples for pteridophytes are ferns, these are autotrophs and having vascular tissue for the transport of food and minerals.

Complete answer:
When coming to the life cycle of the pteridophytes they are always dominated by sporophytes, which is the sexual stage, and later there is an alternation of generation.
Generally, the spores of this fern capitulate into the air and later they develop into heart-shaped structures that are haploid in nature and called gametophytes.
This pteridophyte contains both male and female reproductive organs, male reproductive organs are called as antheridium where it produces sperm, while the female reproductive organs contain archegonium and sperm travel for fertilization through water, it is available.
For pteridophytes, the presence of water is very important to form the healthy sporophytes.
Though gametophyte contains both the male and female reproductive organs, it requires water for the sperm to travel and fertilize with archegonium available in water, and it is very essential for the water to present, because it prevents the fertilization of reproductive organs of the same gametophyte, and it results in cross-fertilization.
The fertilized egg or zygote undergoes the division of mitosis and forms the different parts like stems, roots, and sporophyte, and later spores are formed again through meiosis and spread by the dispersion, and, again the life cycle continues, so the sporophyte is the dominant phase of pteridophyte.

Correct option: C. Sporophyte.

The life cycle of ferns is dominated by the sporophyte and it is diploid in nature where they undergo meiosis and form the spores which convert to haploid gametophyte, later the male and female structures combine and fertilize and form a zygote and again from the sporophytes and life cycle continue.