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Which of the following fraction is the largest $?$
A) $\dfrac{{29}}{{30}}$
B) $\dfrac{{29}}{{23}}$
C) $\dfrac{{29}}{{27}}$
D) $\dfrac{{29}}{{25}}$

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Hint: In this question we will see the denominator of the given fractions and then we will check that the denominator of which fraction is smallest. Now, we know that the fraction whose denominator is small has the highest value. So, the fraction whose denominator is smallest will be the largest fraction.

Complete step-by-step solution:
In this question we just have to check the denominator of the fractions to find the largest fraction because the numerator in all the options given in this question are the same. If the numerator of the options are different then we have to convert each fraction into a decimal point number and then by comparing them we can easily find the largest fraction.
We will check the denominator of each option and the fraction whose denominator is small will be the largest fraction.
Now, by looking at the options we found that the denominator of $\dfrac{{29}}{{23}}$ is the smallest among all the given options therefore, we can say that $\dfrac{{29}}{{23}}$ is the largest fraction.

Option B is the correct answer.

Note: Remember that the fraction whose denominator is largest will be the smallest fraction for the same numerators.
We can also solve this question by dividing the numerator of the fraction with the denominator of the fraction and then we will compare the results to find the largest fraction. Please remember that the fraction with the smallest denominator will be the largest fraction and the fraction with the largest denominator will be the smallest fraction.