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Which of the following biomes show highest biodiversity?
A. Temperate deciduous forest
B. Taiga
C. Tundra
D. Savannah
E. Tropical rainforest

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Hint: A biome is known as a large ecosystem. Biomes incorporate oceanic and earthbound biological systems. The diverse biomes are known by their climax community. The boundaries of the biome are decided by the Altitude and Latitude.

Complete answer:
Characteristic features of different types of biomes are:
Temperate deciduous Forest – The temperate deciduous forest consists of broadleaf vegetation with an annual rainfall of about $100 - 250cm$. This forest is marked with vegetation like Oak, Maple, etc. The trees of temperate deciduous forest shed their leaves in autumn and bear again in spring.
Taiga – Taiga is popularly known as Northern coniferous or Needle-Leaf forest. As the name suggests, this forest bears vegetation consisting of needle-like leaves. The average temperature of this forest in summer and winter is $6$℃ and $20$℃ respectively.
Tundra – This region lies above ${60^ \circ }$ North latitude. The soil of the Tundra region is covered by snow and ice the entire year. The annual rainfall is known to be very low in this region i.e. below \[25cm/year\]. This biome does not bear trees or shrubs and is popularly known as treeless biome.
Savannah – Savannah biome is also known as Thorn forest or tropical grassland. There is seasonal high rainfall. Very few scattered trees are present in this biome. The Indian grassland belongs to this region.
Tropical rain forest – This biome lies in the equatorial region. This biome witnesses high rainfall. The tropical rain forest is known to be full of rich flora and fauna. It consists of the highest biodiversity due to its presence near the equator. The most common vegetation available in Tropical rain forest is the vegetation of parasitic plants.

Therefore, the correct option is (E) Tropical rainforest.

Tropical rain forest does not have any dry season. This forest has an annual rainfall of more than \[200{\text{ }}-{\text{ }}450{\text{ }}cm\]. The climatic condition is warm and humid with high temperatures throughout the year. The tropical rain forest is present in the Eastern Himalayas and the Western Ghats in India.