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Which country is associated with ‘Kiwis’?
b)New Zealand

Last updated date: 25th Jun 2024
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Hint:Kiwi is a flightless bird belonging to the Apteryx genus. They are the smallest living ratites.

Complete Answer:Kiwi is a bird endemic to New Zealand. Kiwi is associated with New Zealand so much so that Kiwi is often used as a demonym for people of New Zealand.

Indigenous people of New Zealand, called the Maoris, hold this bird in high regard. The bird is called God of the forest and they make cloaks out of its feather which is presented to important people like the tribal chiefs.
British zoologist George Shaw first brought the bird to European attention and the London Zoo became the first place outside New Zealand to house a Kiwi.

In 1900 , Kiwi cartoons were often used to describe New Zealand’s team in the sporting arena.
During the First as well as the Second World War, New Zealand’s soldiers were known as Kiwis.
When New Zealand's currency came out in 1943, the bird was etched in its coins.
Kiwi is hence associated with New Zealand and is its National Icon.
Option (C ) New Zealand is correct.

Note:Phillipine is known for its Phillipine Eagle. Malaysia is known for its Rhino Hornbill. The ancient mythical bird Garuda is often used to represent Malaysia.