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Which among the following is a cold local wind in the Andes
A. Pampero
B. Puna
C. Chinook
D. Loo

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: The Andean region consists of five countries: Bolivia, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela. These are basically a group of nations located in southern America connected by a mountain range which is Andes mountain. The wind blows from July to September. Also, it was very much high in winters.

Complete Answer:
The Chinook winds are found from the region of Pacific Northwest region of North America towards the Rocky mountain range. The direction of the wind changes towards the west or southwest. These are warm and dry winds that move towards the eastern slopes of rocky mountains and affect the cold season weather of Western Great Plains.
Loo blows over the northern Indian region of western Indo-Gangetic plain and Pakistan. It is hot, dry, and strong wind is witnessed during the summer afternoon. A strong loo can be experienced in the months of May and June. Loo leads to the drying of vegetation due to its extremely low humidity and high temperature. It originates in the desert region of the northwest region of the Indian subcontinent. The Great Indian Ocean, The Cholistan desert, and the desert area of southern Balochistan.
Puna wind blows from the Cordilleras across the tableland called the Puna, in Peru. It is cold and dry wind.
Pampero is the cold polar airburst that blows in the region of South America. The Andes region is located in South America. It blows, particularly in the Rio de la Plata area. Pampero is common during the winter in the southern hemisphere. It is the northwestern cold wind in the Pampas of South America. If we compare Northers of North America and Siberia with Pampero, they both share a similar structure. Pampero is active during winters and off the coast of Argentina, it blows from July to September.
So, the correct answer is Option A.

Note: Cold local wind in the Andes region is Pampero. It makes the passage of a cold front and brings a drop in temperature. It is a gale of wind force that blows from the southwest across the pampas of Argentina and Uruguay, often accompanied by squalls, thunderstorms, and a sudden drop of temperature.