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What Percentage of 240 is 60?

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Hint – Assume any variable be the percentage and try to convert the given information into an equation to reach the solution of the problem.

Let x be the percentage.
Now we have to find out what percentage of 240 is 60.
So, x percentage of 240 is 60, so convert this into equation we have,
$ \Rightarrow \dfrac{x}{{100}} \times 240 = 60$
Now simplify the above equation we have,
$x = \dfrac{{60 \times 100}}{{240}} = \dfrac{{100}}{4} = 25$
So, 25 percent of 240 is 60.
Hence 25 percent is the required answer.

Note – In such types of questions first let x be the percentage then according to the question convert the given condition into a linear equation as above and simplify, we will get the required percentage which is the required answer.
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