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What is the Full Form of ICSE, CBSE and SSC ?


CFSI and CBSE are the two distinct systems of counselling or syllabus that schools in India follow. Apart from CFSI and CBSE, a third set of councils, developed by the country's different states, is followed by several schools. 

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ICSE - Certificate of Indian Secondary Education is the complete form of the ICSE

CBSE - Central Council of Secondary Education is the complete form of CBSE

CSS - High School Certificate

There is always a debate in our society as to which advice is the best. To understand the difference, you have to go through the curriculum and the study model for each table. 

There is no better education council. It is a misconception that uneducated people are spreading on the market. The government has provided guidance to NCERT on the type of educational concepts to be taught at each level of schooling and boards of directors would adhere to it.   

Most states in the country have schools that offer CBSE, ICSE and State Board programs to students. It is up to parents and students to decide which advice they want to be admitted to.