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What do you mean by a balanced report?

Last updated date: 11th Jun 2024
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A report that addresses all the points of view of a single story and then leaves it to the reader to make up his mind.

Complete answer:
A balanced report may be described as a report where all views or points of view of a specific subject or story are discussed or taken into account. These kinds of reports encourage readers to think of themselves and to shape their opinions on the basis of the findings of the article. Fair reporting and independent media are closely related. This should recognize that the media is an independent network and that the compilation and influence of news cannot be regulated.

Writing a balanced study relies on the freedom of the media. Independent media ensures that no government can monitor and manipulate news coverage. Nobody should tell the media what should be used and what cannot be used in the news article. Independent media is essential in a democracy. So it is very important the information shared in the media should be accurate and unbiased.

More recently, the media have called our attention to these alarming amounts of chemicals in cola beverages. There are reports released showing a high degree of pesticides and thereby made us mindful of the need to track these colas on a daily basis according to International norms of consistency and protection. They did this proudly even after the government’s opposition to announce that the colas were dangerous. In this case, the media helped us to focus on an issue that affects our lives in a positive way.