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Weber/m2 is equal to
a) dyne
b) tesla
c) watt
d) henry

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Hint: - Weber (wb)is the SI unit of magnetic flux. Weber per square meter(Wb/$m^2$) is the unit of magnetic flux density which is equal to one tesla. magnetic fields the area around a magnet in which there is a magnetic force. Magnetic field is denoted by B and it is a vector quantity. In order to solve this, we should know about magnetic flux and magnetic flux density.

Complete step by step solution:
A Tesla(T) is the SI unit of magnetic flux density commonly denoted as B. The magnetic flux density is also known as the “magnetic field B” or the “magnetic induction”. One tesla is equal to one weber per square meter. A particle carrying a charge of 1 coulomb and passing through a uniform magnetic field of 1 tesla at a speed of 1 metre per second perpendicular to the said field experiences a force of 1 newton. As an SI derived unit, Tesla can also be expressed as T=Wbm-2.

Where wb is called weber and it is a derived SI unit of magnetic flux. The SI unit of magnetic flux is named after the German physicist and co-inventor of the first electromagnetic telegraph Wilhelm Eduard weber. Alternating, the weber can be defined as the magnetic flux that would produce an EMF(electromotive force.) of magnitude 1 volt linking a circuit of one tum if it was reduced to zero at a uniform rate in one second. Weber can also be expressed in learning of the product of coulomb and ohm.

So option (b)is correct answer.

Note: The Tesla was first defined in 1960 by the general conference on weight and measures(CGPM).
It was named in honour of the physicist. Electrical engineer and inventor Nikola Tesla.
Tesla= \[\dfrac{{V.B}}{{{m^2}}} = \dfrac{N}{{A.m}} = \dfrac{{wb}}{{{m^2}}} = \dfrac{{kg}}{{cs}} = \dfrac{{Ns}}{{Cm}}\]
When A=ampere, C=coulomb, kg= kilogram, m=meter, N=newton, s=second, T=Tesla, v=volt, wb=weber.
A Tesla is equal to 10,000(104) units in the CGS system of units.