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Vermi-processing toilet is:
A. Alternative sources of energy
B. Alternative arrangement of sewage disposal
C. Alternative arrangement of sewage treatment
D. None of the above

Last updated date: 16th Jun 2024
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Hint: The earthworms act as important and useful organisms to process and treat the excreta of humans and other animals. In this process, the earthworms help to convert the human excreta into useful natural manure. The process is a safe and pollution free method to control the proper disposal of excreta.

Complete answer:
Renewable energy provides stable power sources and diversification of fuel, thereby increasing energy efficiency and reducing the chance of fuel spills thus reducing the need for imported fuel. Even renewable energy helps to conserve the natural resources of the country. There are all sorts of alternatives to renewable energy. Quite probably, other forms that have not been identified or learned in the future still exist. In both use and growth, five of them remain the most popular in terms of harnessing which are solar, wind, hydro or water, geothermal and biomass

An alternative sewage disposal arrangement is done in the form of treatment of the excreta ensures proper disposal as well as proves to be safe in terms of pollution of the environment. Low-cost on-site sewage disposal systems are promoted to improve sanitation. Examples include septic tanks, chemical bathrooms, composting pits. Septic tanks are ideal for hospitals as well as for areas where there is no proper sewage system. In India, a toilet concept has been tested in which human excreta is treated with earthworms. A novel, low water-use toilet for safe processing of human waste has been discovered. Toilet service is very simple and very hygienic. Human excreta is fully processed into vermi cakes-a much needed option for soil.

Sludge disposal from any treatment process can be affected by mixing thickening, dewatering, aerobic and/or anaerobic digestion and incineration methods.

There is a large variety of alternative approaches for sewage and wastewater disposal. The vermi-processing toilet is useful because it decreases diseases and improves the fertility of the soil. It is widely used to dump the waste.

Hence, The correct answer is option (B).

Note: Vermi-processing toilet is a type of toilet which treats human excreta through earthworms. Earthworms turn human excreta into a cake of vermin which serves a good variety of natural manure. It provides the proper disposal of human excreta thus avoiding pollution of the ecosystem outside. The administration of vermin cakes produced after the treatment of the human excreta may serve as an important resource in increasing the fertility of the soil. The process of vermi-toilets is very simple and hygienic to implement and it reduces freshwater pollution and improved sanitization.