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Using a protractor, draw a right angle. Bisect it to get an angle of measure $45^\circ $.

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Hint: Here, we need to draw a right angle using the protractor. Then using compass, we will bisect it by drawing two arcs from two points marked equally from the center where the right angle is drawn.

Complete step-by-step answer:
According to the question, we have to draw the right angle by protractor. The steps are explained below to bisect a right angle.
1. From the origin, cut two arcs using compass on the lines drawn for right angles at M and N respectively at equal distance from center as shown in figure.
2. Using compass, draw an arc with radius greater than the previous one from point M at A. Again, draw an arc with same radius from point N at A, It will cut the previous arc drawn from point M.
3. Join A with center. This gives us the bisection of the right angle.

Note: For solving such questions, we need to practice more to get more and more accuracy. Also make sure that the radius taken using compass does not change otherwise it will cause error in the bisection. Also we should see that the center does not get changed while drawing the arc.