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To add three numbers \[5,6,9\]. correct LISP formula is ___________
A) \[*569\]
B) \[569\]
C) \[ - 569\]
D) \[ + 569\]

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Hint: LISP is a family of programming languages. LISP can be used for any type of application, but it is particularly used in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other types of advanced programming which require recursive logic.

Complete step-by-step solution:
We will use defun here, to define our own functions in LISP. Defun requires us to provide three things that are:
(i)Name of that function
(ii)list of parameters for that function
(iii)Body of the function
These are LISP instructions that tell the interpreter what to do when the function is called.
Now, we will talk about LISP expressions. When we start up the common LISP environment, we should see a prompt, which means that LISP is waiting for us to enter a LISP expression, the most common LISP form is function application. LISP represents a function call \[f(x)\]as \[(fx)\]. For example,\[\cos (0)\]is written as \[(\cos 0)\].
So, according to the question, to add three numbers \[569\], the correct LISP formula should be \[ + 569\] (option D).

Note: LISP is actually an acronym for any list processing. LISP has a special use in artificial intelligence because it bears the implementation of software that computes with symbols very well. Symbol, symbolic expressions and computing with those is actually the core of LISP.