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The variation in element-element bond energy follows the order:
A: $C - C > Si - Si > Ge - Ge > Sn - Sn > Pb - Pb$
B: \[Si - Si > C - C > Pb - Pb > Sn - Sn > Ge - Ge\]
C: $C - C > Ge - Ge > Sn - Sn > Pb - Pb > Si - Si$
D: $C - C > Sn - Sn > Pb - Pb > Ge - Ge > Si - Si$

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Hint: Catenation refers to the bonding of the atoms of the same element to form a long chain or series. Higher will be the bond energy of the bond between atoms, more will be the catenation. Among all the elements, carbon is the element which shows catenation to the maximum extent.

Complete step by step answer:
Bond energy is the measure of strength of the bond. It is the energy which is required to dissociate all the bonds of the same type within the same chemical species. Higher the bond energy, more will be the energy required to break the bonds and hence stronger that bond is. Catenation is the ability of an element with which it can make bonds with other atoms of the same element and thus makes a long chain. Higher the extent of catenation, higher is the bond energy (if the energy is more only then it could be able to make a long chain). Among all the elements of the periodic table carbon shows catenation to the maximum extent. This means the bond energy of carbon is highest. Extent of catenation decreases as we go down the group because size of the atom increases and hence the hold of the nucleus on the bonded atom decreases due to which the atom is not able to make long chains. All the given elements in the options belong to the same group. Order (as we go down the group) of these elements is, carbon followed by silicon followed by germanium followed by tin followed by lead. This means carbon will chow maximum catenation and lead will show least. This means element-element bond energy of $C - C$ bond will be the most and $Pb - Pb$ bond will be least (explained above). There is only one option in which bond energy of $C - C$ bond is maximum and $Pb - Pb$ bond is minimum and that option is, option A, so the correct answer is option A.

So, the correct answer is Option A .

Bond order is the measure of strength of the bond. Higher is the bond order, stronger that bond is. Bond order can be calculated by dividing the total number of bonds in a chemical compound with the total bonding pairs.