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The suburban __________ services in India are limited.
A) bus
B) car
C) railway
D) none of these

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There are many services in India which provide transportation for the people. In the Major cities of India, suburban rail plays a vital role in the public transport system.

Complete answer:
Urban rail, suburban rail, regional rail, or commuter rail play a major role in the public transportation system in many of India’s major cities. Rail service between a central business district and suburbs is called a suburban rail. It is a conurbation or the other locations that draw a large number of people every day. The trains which provide these types of services may be termed as the suburban trains. Mumbai suburban railway, Kolkata suburban railway, Chennai suburban railway and Hyderabad MMTS these trains are referred to as the local trains. Kolkata suburban railway has the largest rail network in the entire country and is the second oldest railway after the Mumbai Suburban Railway. These are limited only to the few cities in India. An exclusive inner suburban railway line augmented by the commuter rail on main lines consists of the Mumbai Suburban Railway to serve the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. Kolkata Suburban Railway has the largest railway network as it has 348 stations and a track length of 1,172 km. This service carries $3.1$ million ($31.51$ lakh) every day which operates 1450 EMU services and MEMU services.

Thus, option (C) is correct.

The suburban rail systems in Barabanki – Lucknow, Lucknow – Kanpur, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Pune do not have dedicated suburban tracks and share tracks with the long-distance trains.