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The spread of the cricket game was confined to________
A. Australia and New Zealand
B. British colonies
C. Africa and West Indies
D. Third world

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Hint: In the earlier half of the eighteenth-century cricket set up itself as the main game in London and the south-eastern areas of England. Its spread was restricted by the imperatives of movement, however, it was gradually picking up prevalence in different pieces of England, and Women's Cricket goes back to 1745 when the main realized match was played in Surrey.

Complete step-by-step solution:
In 1744, the main Laws of Cricket were composed and subsequently corrected in 1774, when advancements, for example, lbw, a third stump, - the center stump and a most extreme bat width were added.
Cricket was acquainted with North America through the English colonies almost around the seventeenth century, and in the eighteenth century it showed up in different pieces of the globe. It was acquainted with the West Indies by colonists and to India by British East India Company sailors. It showed up in Australia nearly when colonization started in 1788 and the game arrived in New Zealand and South Africa in the early long periods of the nineteenth century.

Thus, option (B) is correct.

Note: The codes for the game were drawn up by the "Star and Garter Club" whose individuals eventually established the popular Marylebone Cricket Club at Lord's in 1787. MCC promptly turned into the overseer of the Laws and has made corrections from the time then to the current day.