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The purpose of a salt bridge in a galvanic cell is to:
A. Prevent accumulation of charges around the electrodes
B. Facilitate continuity of the cell reaction
C. To produce current at a constant strength
D. All of the above

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Hint:In a galvanic cell there are two separate chambers through which the flow of current needs to be maintained. Thus, salt bridge acts as the component which initiates the continuous process of current flow inside the cell. Galvanic cells require the salt bridge for its functions in the process of flow of current.

Complete answer:
The salt bridge is responsible for facilitating the process of connecting the two segments of the galvanic cell, which are oxidation half cells and reduction half cells. It is an electrochemical cell where the ions are responsible for carrying on with the movement of current. The reaction that takes place in the galvanic cell is the ionization process and the ions are maintained in the system continuously.
This stable ion formation also helps in the generation and then the flow of current. Since there is a continuous level of ion formation maintained in the system, the current is produced for a constant strength. The product of current keeps the cell running at the perfect pace. This also prevents the cell from running into a state of equilibrium where the reaction might stop. Therefore, constant electron circulation keeps the current flow.
If the accumulation of charges took place in the system it would lead to the state of equilibrium in the system. This state of equilibrium when reached stops the flow of current inside the cell. This can be prevented due to the presence of the salt bridge as it never lets the solution to attain the state of equilibrium. Some level of ion is maintained to ensure constant flow of current.

Therefore, all the options are correct which means D. all of the above is the correct response.

In the absence of a salt bridge the whole system of galvanic cells would collapse. This is because the current flow will stop suddenly if the specific state for the flow of charge is not maintained.