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The process of cross- breeding of two different varieties of crops each having a desired characteristic is known as
A) Selection
B) Crossing
C) Hybridization
D) Introduction

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Hint: Plant breeding is the production of new crop varieties, which are superior to their parents. New crop is evolved by terms of selection, introduction, hybridization, ploidy, mutation, tissue culture. Popular Indian scientists in plant breeding are M S Swaminathan, Venkataraman.

Complete answer:
Process of plants introduced from their native place to another place for crop improvement. Three methods of breeding occur, that is inbreeding, outbreeding, heterosis. Selection is the major technique of plant breeding. The process of selecting propagating plants with desirable characters and removing culling those with less desirable character.

It includes
-Mass selection
-Pure line selection
-Clonal selection

The Crossing in plant breeding is the crossing of a hybrid with one of its parents or an individual genetically alike to its parent, in order to achieve offspring with a genetic identity which is closer to that of the parent. It is used in horticulture and animal breeding.

Hybridization is crossing two plants of different species to make a new variety. The new plant which is produced is known as hybrid which owns superior characters of both parent plants. Hybridization is processed to receive desired characteristics such as opposition to pests and diseases, highly yield, tolerance to unfavorable environmental act.

Thus, the correct answer is option (C).

Note:Ploidy involves three or more sets of chromosomes and may occur naturally or by induction. Nearly all plants and animals probably have some polyploidy tissues. Mutation is the change in genetic material or a random change in gene or chromosome resulting in a new trait.