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The price of muffin increases from $Rs.4$ to $Rs.5$ . What is the percentage increase?

Last updated date: 16th Jul 2024
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Hint: We have been given the price of muffin increases from $Rs.4$ to $Rs.5$ . We have to find the percentage increase, for that use $\text{Percentage increase=}\dfrac{\text{increased value-original value}}{\text{original value}}\times 100$ . Try it, you will get the answer.

Complete step-by-step answer:
In Mathematics, a percentage is a number or ratio that can be expressed as a fraction of 100, which means, a part per hundred. The word percent means per 100. It is represented by the symbol “%”. Percentages have no dimension, hence are dimensionless numbers. If we say, 50% of a number, then it means 50 percent of its whole. Also, learn how to calculate percentage here.
Percentages can also be represented in decimal or fraction form, such as 0.6%, 0.25%, etc. In academics, the marks obtained in any subject are calculated in terms of percentage. Like, Ram has got 78% of marks in his final exam. So, this percentage is calculated on account of total marks obtained by Ram in all subjects to the total marks.
Profit and loss percentage are used to refer to the amount of profit or loss that has been incurred in terms of percentage which can be either profit percentage of loss percentage. It should be noted that the percentage is one of the methods for comparing two quantities. Daily we come across a variety of situations where we calculate or compare things in “per cent”. Most common ones are the situations related to buying and selling of items. While the sale of a good, one can either gain a profit or bear a loss, which is generally calculated in terms of percentage.
When comparing the increase in a quantity over a period time, we first find the difference between the original value and the increased value. We then use this difference to find the relative increase against the original value and express it in the terms of percentage. The formula for percentage increase is given by:
$\text{Percentage increase=}\dfrac{\text{increased value-original value}}{\text{original value}}\times 100$
So, the original value is $Rs.4$ and the increased value is $Rs.5$ .
Now using the above formula, we get,
$\text{Percentage increase=}\dfrac{\text{5-4}}{4}\times 100=\dfrac{1}{4}\times 100=25%$
So we get the percentage increase as $25%$.

Note: Read the question carefully. Also, you must know the concept behind the percentage. You should be familiar with the formulae. Do not make silly mistakes while simplifying. Solve the problem in a step by step manner.