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The pair of equations y = -7 and y = 0 have
A.One solution
B.Two solutions
C.Infinitely many solutions
D.No solution

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Hint: Sketch the given equations of a graph and we can see how many solutions we have.

Complete step-by-step answer:
Step 1:Here the equations are y = 0 and y = -7
y = 0 is the equation of the x axis and y = -7 is the equation of line parallel to x axis at a distance of 7 units.
Step 2 :
Now lets sketch the lines on the graph
seo images

Step 3:
From the graph above , we can see that the lines y = 0 and y = -7 are parallel.
The equations describe a pair of parallel lines.
The solution to the system will be in the point where the two lines intersect.
Therefore , there is no intersection point ,and therefore there is no solution.

The correct option is D.

Note: Alternate method
When we try to solve these equations we get 0 = -7 , which is absurd .
So the equations are inconsistent .
Therefore ,there is no solution.
The graphing method on graph paper can be useful when the intersection point happens to have integer coordinates.