The name of the endocrine gland in the human brain is
A. Thyroid
B. Adrenal
C. Thymus
D. Pituitary

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Hint: The endocrine system is a messenger pathway regulating the flow of chemicals called hormones in our system. It includes several glands, both exocrine and endocrine. The human brain contains one of the most significant endocrine glands which regulates many functions; it is also known as the master gland.

Complete answer: Pituitary gland is almost like the dimensions of a pea and is situated in a bony hollow structure in the brain. It is attached to the bottom of the brain by a skinny stalk. The pituitary is usually called the master gland because it controls several other hormone glands in your body, including the thyroid and adrenals, the ovaries, and testicles. It secretes hormones from both the front part (anterior) as well as the back part (posterior) of the gland. Hormones are chemicals that carry messages from one cell to another via the bloodstream.

Additional information: Hormones secreted from the pituitary gland help control the following body processes:
Growth (GH), Blood pressure(B.P.), Some aspects of pregnancy and childbirth including stimulation of uterine contractions, Appropriate breast milk production, Sex organ functions in both sexes, Various thyroid gland function, Metabolic conversion of food into energy,
Water and osmolarity regulation in the body, Water balance by the control of reabsorption of water by the kidneys, Temperature balance, and Pain/ ache relief.

So the correct answer is D. Pituitary

Note: If the pituitary doesn't produce enough trophic hormones during the early stage then the child will likely have stunted growth. If it doesn't produce enough FSH or LH, it'd cause problems with sexual function, menstruation, and fertility.