The mouth part of the fruit fly is of ______ type.
(A)Piercing and sucking
(B)Biting and chewing
(C)Sucking and sponging
(D)Biting, sucking, and lapping

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Hint: Fruitfly, commonly known as a housefly, is a very common pest in human habitats and is a vector for many diseases causing bacteria. They have specific feeding processes and for that, they possess certain specialized structures such as sponge-like lobes.

Complete answer:
The mouth part of fruit flies is of sucking and sponging type.
They possess maxillae which are elongated blade-like structures that overlie a groove in the labium. This forms a tubular channel for sucking the liquid foods. There is a conical process with sponge-like lobes at the end which are modified to lap up liquids. The flies secret a viscous liquid as saliva which along with water helps the sugar to get dissolved and converted into liquid form. This is the liquid that is sucked by the sponging mouthparts.

Additional Information: Fruitfly, sc. The name Drosophila melanogaster belongs to the family Drosophila of the order Diphtheria. These are also known as a common fly or vinegar fly and are known as a common vector for food-related diseases.
These are yellow-brown in colour with brick-red eyes and black rings across the abdomen. They have sexual dimorphism where males are slightly smaller than the female ones. They are generally distinguished from a distinct black patch at the abdomen in the case of males.
So, the correct answer is “Sucking and sponging”.

Note: Fruit Flies are generally scavengers and some of their favorite food sources are feces, food, and rotting flesh. They possess an excellent sense of smell and a pair of complex eyes. They are prone to humans due to its hunt for a warm place to eat, defecate, vomit, or lay eggs.