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The marked price of one kg of coffee powder is Rs.\[480\]. If it was being sold at a discount of $30\% $ , what is the discount amount?

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: You can solve this question by using the formula Discount=$\dfrac{{{\text{Discount percentage}} \times {\text{M}}{\text{.P}}{\text{.}}}}{{100}}$ where M.P. is the marked price. On putting the values in the question you will get the answer.

Complete step-by-step answer:
Given, the marked price of one kg of coffee powder (M.P.)= Rs.\[480\].
It is sold at discount percentage =$30$
We have to find the amount of discount. And we know the formula of discount percentage,
$ \Rightarrow {\text{Discount percentage}} = \dfrac{{{\text{Discount }} \times 100}}{{{\text{M}}{\text{.P}}{\text{.}}}}$
We can write this formula as-
$ \Rightarrow $ Discount=$\dfrac{{{\text{Discount percentage}} \times {\text{M}}{\text{.P}}{\text{.}}}}{{100}}$
Since we know the values, we will put them in the formula.
$ \Rightarrow $ Discount=$\dfrac{{30 \times 480}}{{100}}$
On simplifying we get the amount of discount,
$ \Rightarrow $ Discount=$\dfrac{{30 \times 480}}{{100}} = 3 \times 48 = 144$
Hence the amount of discount is Rs.$144$.

Note: The marked price is the price on the label of an article. This is the price at which an article is intended to be sold. So, a discount is offered only when the marked price is greater than the selling price (at which the article was sold). So if we know the selling price and marked price, we can use the formula,
Discount =M.P.-S.P.