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The liquid which is good conductor of heat is:
(A) Mercury
(B) Water
(C) Hydrogen
(D) kerosene

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Hint: For answering this question we need to know the criteria for being a good conductor of heat. Then we have to compare every option that is mentioned in the question to check whether it satisfies the condition for being a good conductor or not. This will give us a comparison of the properties of the mentioned option and thus we will be able to find the required answer.

Complete step by step answer:
Among the mentioned options we should know that mercury is the only liquid metal which is a very good conductor heat.
We should know that metals are always considered to be a good conductor of heat. In case of mercury, the electronic configuration is very different. Due to this electronic configuration, the removal of any electron from an atom of mercury is strongly resisted.
Hence we can say that among the mentioned options the liquid which is a good conductor of heat is mercury.

 So the correct answer is option A.

Note: It should be known to us that due to the different electronic configuration of mercury, the behaviour of mercury is similar to that of the noble gas elements. This is why mercury forms very weak bonds and is obtained as liquid at room temperature.
Since mercury is a very good conductor of heat, the coefficient of expansion of mercury is high and thus it is used in the thermometers. The boiling point of mercury is very high and thus it is suitable for the measurement in higher temperatures.
The concept of conduction of heat should be known to us for better understanding. During the conduction of heat, the molecules present within the substances vibrate because of the increase in temperature. As it vibrates it passes the heat energy from the specific molecule to the surrounding molecules.