The first vaccine produced by Edward Jenner, was for the protection against
A. Hepatitis
B. Influenza
C. Chicken pox.
D. Smallpox

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Hint: Several different types of microorganism such as bacteria, virus and others are infectious and pathogenic in nature and are the causative agents of various diseases. The organism infects the human and is responsible for producing several diseases which are harmful and can cause mortality.

Complete answer:
The infectious microorganism when entering the system of the animals and humans causes certain immune responses through the defence system of the body of the host. In order to withstand the responses of the infectious microorganisms various types of preparations are used as a part of either treatment or eliminating the diseases. These preparations are known as vaccines. Vaccines are the agents or the biological compounds which provide increased immunity against the infectious agents. They are the most effective methods of prevention and treatment of the infectious agents. The vaccines are generally an agent that resembles the disease causing organism and is prepared from the toxins or dead forms of the microbes. The vaccines act by increasing the stimulation of the immune system of the body. Due to the vaccine, the immune system recognizes the infectious agents and destroys the microorganisms associated with it.
The concept of vaccines has been developed by Edward Jenner. He was the first person to develop the vaccine for smallpox. The concept of vaccine was initiated by Jenner when he created the vaccine for the disease smallpox. The vaccine and its process and preparation was described as the effective protection against smallpox. He created the vaccine for treatment of smallpox from the Variolae vaccinae.
The smallpox vaccine developed by Edward Jenner was the first successful vaccine and was effective against smallpox. He developed the vaccine as he noticed that the milkmaids who had previously caught cowpox do not get infected by smallpox. After further investigation, he revealed that inoculated vaccinia particles provide protection from the inoculated variola virus.

Therefore, the correct option is option D.

The smallpox vaccine was the first vaccine to be developed for protection against the disease. The smallpox vaccine protects a person from smallpox by developing immunity against the disease. It was developed by Edward Jenner. The protection and prevention of diseases occurred only after the discovery of the vaccine and it emerged as an important tool for protection against many deadly diseases.