The distinct features of fabaceae are
A)Zygomorphic, diadelphous and monocarpellary
B)Actinomorphic, monadelphous and monocarpellary
C)Zygomorphic, monadelphous and pentacarpellary
D)Zygomorphic, polyadelphous and tricarpellary
E)Zygomorphic, diadelphous and bicarpellary

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Hint: Fabaceae is an economically important plant family. The legumes or pulses belong to this family. It includes annual and perennial plants. The flowers of this family are very unique where small petals are covered by large petals.

Complete answer:
To solve this question, we must know about features of fabaceae family.

The characteristics of Pea family are-
1.The inflorescence is racemose.
2.The flowers are complete. They are zygomorphic, bisexual and hypogynous.
3.The calyx comprise of 5 sepals, they are gamosepalous with valvate or imbricate aestivation.
4.They are polypetalous with vexillary aestivation.
5.The Androecium consists of 10 stamens which are united at the filament. This is called diadelphous.
6.The gynoecium consists of a superior ovary with a single carpel. They are unilocular and have hairy stigma.
7.Seed is mostly a legume.

The roots of this plant are tap roots which contain root nodules. These root nodules contain symbiotic bacteria called the Rhizobium which have the ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen and make it utilizable for plants. This helps in improving the soil fertility.

Hence, the correct answer is option (A)

Note: The plants of the legume family are both ecologically and economically important. That not only helps in improving the oil fertility by providing nitrogen but also is a rich source of vegetable protein for humans and other animals.