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The Digambaras and Shvetambaras differ primarily with regard to their ________.
a. Choice of God
b. Philosophical doctrines
c. Dress
d. Rituals

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Hint: Jainism was established by Mahavira in about 500 BC. Jains believe that everything has life and this also includes stones, sand, trees and every other thing. The cardinal principles of Jainism are ahimsa, anekantvada, aparigraha, non-stealing and brahmacharya.

Complete answer: Jains are divided into two sects-Digambara which means sky clad sect and Shvetambara which means white-clad sect. Each of these sects is also divided into different subgroups.
Though the two sects agree on Jainism, they disagree on many things such as details about the life of Mahavira, the spiritual status of women, about monks wearing clothes and which texts should be accepted as scriptures.
Now, let us look at each of the options.
Option a- Both Digambaras and Shvetambaras believe in Mahavira and his teachings. Digambaras and Shvetambaras are basically two sects of Jainism. So, this is incorrect.
Option b- Both the sects of Jainism have the same philosophical doctrines and believe non-violence as the core. They believe compassion for every form of life. This is an incorrect answer.
Option c- Digambaras don’t wear any clothes and include only men whereas Shvetambaras monks wear white clothes and they include women too. Thus, this is the correct answer.
Option d- Digambaras and Shvetambaras believe in following the same rituals of following a quiet and overwhelming serious way of life. They want a society of ethics which can dramatically change the entire world. This is incorrect.
Hence, the correct answer is option ‘c’.

Note: Jainism originated on the Indian subcontinent and is believed to be one of the oldest religions of its homeland and even the world. Jainism has prehistoric origins dating before 3000 BC and also before the beginning of the Indo-Aryan culture. The Jains are the followers of Jinas which means Conqueror. They refer to Jinas as God.