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The cricket ball is made of:
A. Leather
B. twine
C. Cork
D. all of these

Last updated date: 13th Jul 2024
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Hint: A cricket ball is a rigid, hardball that is used to play cricket. The principal method through which the batsman scores runs is by hitting the ball with the bat, into a safer position where they could make a run.

Complete answer:
A cricket ball is made with a core of cork, which is offset by a leather case with a raised sewn seam. A raised seam of six rows of stitching gives the ball a number of unique aerodynamic qualities and also helps it to determine its cut, swing, and also spin.
British standard specifies the construction dimensions, quality, and performance of the cricket balls.

Difference between High quality and low-quality ball:
High-quality balls are satisfactory for the highest levels of competition, the covering is considered of four pieces of Leather shaped almost similar to the peel of a quartered orange, but one hemisphere is rotated by ninety degrees with respect to the other.
The lower quality ball with a two-piece covering is also popular for practice and lower-level competition due to its lower cost. A cricket ball is made up of cowhide or cow leather but sometimes ox or buffalo leather is also used for making cricket balls.

Hence, the correct answer is option (D).

Note: A pink cricket ball is best for cricket because pink balls deteriorate more slowly than the white balls, but have better night visibility than the other red balls, also making them the best ball for day-night test cricket.