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The correct chronological order of the four Buddhist councils held was_____________________?

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Hint: The Buddhist conferences were regularly held to resolve the theological and behavioral conflicts just after the demise of legendary Buddha Siddhartha Gautama and also to improve and restart the substance of the sutras. The four chronological councils held in ancient India are Rajagriha, Vaishali, Pataliputra, Kashmir, or Jalandhar.

Complete step by step answer:
These Buddhist councils marked the important turning point in the story of early Buddhism. The first Buddhist council was held around 483BC soon after the Mahaparinirvam of the Buddha under the patronage of king Ajatshatru. Mahakasyapa, a monk presided over this council and it was held in Sattapani cave at Rajagriha. In this council teaching of Budha was divided into 3 pikas.
The second Buddhist council was held around 383 BC probably about a century after the first council, under the patronage of king Kalasoka and the council was presided by Sabakami. It was held at Vaishali or Vaisali. This council discussed whether the monks could be allowed to handle money or not.
The Last Buddha Council, chaired by Moggliputta Tissa and convened in 250 BC under the guidance of King Ashoka at Pataliputra. This committee was held for the creation of the Tipitaka convention. This council was held under the patronage of Kushan King Kanishka and it was presided by Vashumitra at Kundalvana Kashmir. In this Council, Buddhism was divided into two sects Mahayana and Hinayana.

Note: Some believe that a total of six Buddhist councils were held. All these councils were held under the patronage of various kings and chaired by different monks. All these councils aimed to preserve the sanctity of Buddhism and spread the teaching of the Historic Buddha.